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Output of Quantum Computing research at the University of Tartu

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Optimality of Finite Parameter Shift Rules for Derivatives of Variational Quantum Circuits
Dirk Oliver Theis arXiv:2103.13319
Fast qubits of optical frequencies on the rare-earth ions in fluoride crystals and color centers in diamond
Vladimir Hizhnyakov, Vadim Boltrushko, Aleksander Shelkan, Yurii Orlovskii arXiv:2101.07792 (Optics Communications)
Rare earth ions doped mixed crystals for fast quantum computers with optical frequency qubits
Vladimir Hizhnyakov, Vadim Boltrushko, Helle Kaasik, Yurii Orlovskii arXiv:1903.12611
Information content of queries in training Parameterized Quantum Circuits
Bahman Ghandchi, Dirk Oliver Theis arXiv:1901.11434 (Frontiers in Physics)
Input Redundancy for Parameterized Quantum Circuits
Javier Gil Vidal, Dirk Oliver Theis arXiv:1812.06323
Calculus on parameterized quantum circuits
Javier Gil Vidal, Dirk Oliver Theis arXiv:1810.10759
Note on (active-)QRAM-style data access as a quantum circuit
Tore Vincent Carstens, Dirk Oliver Theis

Publications without preprint

Journal of Luminescence (2019)
Spectroscopic evidence of cooperative (entangled) quantum states of Nd3+ ion pairs in Nd3+: LaF3 crystal
Yurii Orlovskii, Helge Gross, Elena Vinogradova, Vadim Boltrushko, Vladimir Hizhnyakov