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Output of Quantum Computing research at the University of Tartu

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arXiv:2207.01587 (Quantum)
“Proper” shift rules for derivatives of perturbed-parametric quantum evolutions
Dirk Oliver Theis
➜ Source code: Notebook with numerical simulations comparing to previous state of the art
➜ Patent applications US17/856,357, PCT/EP2023/068112; whitepaper arXiv:2112.14669
Optimality of finite-support parameter shift rules for derivatives of variational quantum circuits
Dirk Oliver Theis
➜ Source code: Proof-of-concept implementations arXiv:2103.13319
Fast qubits of optical frequencies on the rare-earth ions in fluoride crystals and color centers in diamond
Vladimir Hizhnyakov, Vadim Boltrushko, Aleksander Shelkan, Yurii Orlovskii arXiv:2101.07792 (Optics Communications)
Rare earth ions doped mixed crystals for fast quantum computers with optical frequency qubits
Vladimir Hizhnyakov, Vadim Boltrushko, Helle Kaasik, Yurii Orlovskii arXiv:1903.12611
Information content of queries in training parameterized quantum circuits
Bahman Ghandchi, Dirk Oliver Theis arXiv:1901.11434 (Frontiers in Physics)
Input redundancy for parameterized quantum circuits
Javier Gil Vidal, Dirk Oliver Theis arXiv:1812.06323
Calculus on parameterized quantum circuits
Javier Gil Vidal, Dirk Oliver Theis arXiv:1810.10759
Note on (active-)QRAM-style data access as a quantum circuit
Tore Vincent Carstens, Dirk Oliver Theis
Publications without preprint
Journal of Luminescence (2022)
One- and two-exciton states of pair centers of Kramers Nd3+ions in Nd-doped CaF2 and SrF2 crystals, and their possible use as qubits
Yurii Orlovskii, Eero Vagapova, Valdi Peet, Elena Vinogradova, Leon Dolgov, Vadim Boltrushko, Vladimir Hizhnyakov Journal of Luminescence (2019)
Spectroscopic evidence of cooperative (entangled) quantum states of Nd3+ ion pairs in Nd3+: LaF3 crystal
Yurii Orlovskii, Helge Gross, Elena Vinogradova, Vadim Boltrushko, Vladimir Hizhnyakov