Courses on quantum computing at the University of Tartu

Introduction into Quantum Computing: Theory and Practice

  • Institute of Physics: LTFY.04.010
  • 3 ECTS
  • Fall semester
  • Physics & math students: 1st or 2nd year of bachelor’s studies; CS/Engineering: take it whenever you want.
  • Content:
    • Superposition, qubits, gates, measurement
    • The math that’s needed
    • Lab sessions with cloud quantum computer devices

Principles of Quantum Computing and Quantum Cryptography

  • Institute of Physics: LOFY.03.034
  • 3 ECTS
  • Master’s studies

Introduction to Quantum Algorithms

  • MTAT.05.118 (Official name: “Quantum Computing I”)
  • 6 ECTS
  • Spring of 1st year master’s studies
  • Content: Basic quantum algorithms
    • Basics of quantum mechanics of closed systems
    • Quantum Fourier transform, Fourier sampling and applications (Shor’s algorithm)
    • Quantum Phase Estimation
    • Quantum Amplitude Amplification (Grover’s algorithm) and Quantum Amplitude Estimation
  • Spring 2020: Introduction to Quantum Algorithms

Quantum Seminar

  • Course code: LTAT.04.004
  • 3 ECTS (4×)
  • Every semester
  • Content: Students read and present research papers on quantum computing and quantum cryptography
  • Companies with research in quantum computing are welcome to propose topics
  • Quantum Seminar spring 2020

Practical Training

In the following courses, students realize practical projects.
  • For Physics-Chemistry-Materials BSc students:
    – TFY.00.001 Practical Speciality Training (6 ECTS)
    – LOKT.00.024 Professional Practice (3 ECTS)
  • For Physics-Chemistry-Materials MSc students:
    – LOFY.00.007 Practical Experiences in Physics (12 ECTS)
  • For CS MSc students:
    – LTAT.00.008 3+3 ECTS
    – LTAT.04.005 12 ETCS

Companies with activities in quantum computing are welcome to propose topics.