Courses on quantum computing at the University of Tartu

Quantum Computer Software specialization

Master’s students in computer science can specialize in Quantum Computer Software as part of the specialization module “Theoretical Informatics”. Here’s an example study plan:

The 3+3 ECTS project courses have the role of teaching mastery of software tools (e.g., Qiskit beyond the basic use). Students learn independently by implementing something from the papers they read in the quantum seminar.

Fou-Math is strongly recommended for those who don’t have an undergraduate degree in mathematics. It covers Hilbert spaces (finite dimensional mostly), operators, spectral theory, tensor products, and Dirac notation — spiced up with applications to quantum physics. Those who have solid math background can do without Fou-Math, e.g., like this:

To apply go here:
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For informal inquiries about studying quantum computing at the University of Tartu, contact Dirk Oliver Theis.