Rafieh Mosaheb

PhD candidate of Theoretical Computer Science – Quantum Computing (2018- …)

Office: Room 3071, Institute of Computer Science, Narva mnt 18
Email: rafieh [dot] mosaheb [at] ut [dot] ee
Linkedin Homepage: Rafieh Mosaheb

Former Education:

Master of Science (M.Sc), Applied Mathematics _ 2015-2017
Sharif University of Technology (SUT)
Thesis title: Mathematics of Sudoku: solving techniques, difficulty degree, graph theory & linear algebraic approach
Thesis abstract: Mathematics of Sudoku

Bachelor of Science (B.Sc), Applied Mathematics _ 2010-2015
Sharif University of Technology (SUT)
Thesis title: A survey on Markov Chains and Mixing Times


Line: Quantum Algorithms — under supervision of: Dirk Oliver Theis

Teaching Assistant:

Quantum Computing : Feb–Jun 2019
Mathematical Foundations for Computer Science: Sep–Jan 2019