Dirk Oliver Theis

Dr. rer. nat. habil.
Dirk Oliver Theis
Associate Professor
dotheis at ut dot ee


Theoretical computer science, applied mathematics, quantum computing;
hybrid quantum-classical compiler engineering.

My recent papers:
  • OpenSuperQPlus Jan 1 2023 – June 30 2026
    Continuation of OpenSuperQ with the aim of reaching a medium scale superconducting-qubits-based quantum computer by 2026, including enabling “software” (e.g., quantum control, calibration system, error correction, compiler toolchain, testing, …). Will be funded by Horizon Europe within the Framework Partnership Agreement for developing the first large-scale quantum computers.
    We (UTartu) will contribute to the enabling-software stack.
  • NeQst Oct 1 2022 – Sep 30 2026
    Quantum Computing Applied to Industrial Optimization Problems. Led by Franz Fuchs at Norway’s Gemini Center on Quantum Computing, funded by Forskningsrådet.
  • NordiQuEst April 1 2022 – March 31 2025
    Endeavor to establish a “nordic” quantum computing HPC platform for users to access quantum computing devices and quantum circuit simulators. The idea is to avoid the disadvantages that current commercial cloud-QCs have. Funded by NeIC.


Current PhD students
  • Evgenii Dolzhkov: Quantum algorithms
  • Javier Gil Vidal: Mathematics of quantum computation
  • ½ Anti Ingel
Current MSc students

Together with my team, I teach / am responsible for the following courses.

  • MTAT.05.118 Quantum Algorithms
    • 6 ECTS
    • ➢ Basic quantum algorithms
  • LTAT.00.015 Modern quantum algorithms
    • 6 ECTS
    • ➢ LCU, QSVT, etc.
  • LTAT.00.015 Quantum error correction & fault tolerant quantum computing
    • 6 ECTS
    • ➢ Stabilizer codes, surface codes, fault tolerant QC
  • LTAT.00.015 “QIP Light” Quantum information processing with photons
  • LTAT.04.004 Quantum Seminar
    • 4×3 ECTS


Quantum Community Network (QCN)
I am the Estonian representative to the Quantum Community Network, an initiative of the EU Quantum Flagship.

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