Dirk Oliver Theis

Dr. rer. nat. habil.
Dirk Oliver Theis
Associate Professor


Who I am: Theoretical computer science, applicable mathematics.
What I do: Quantum computing.

Theoretical computer science and mathematics are about proving theorems, which is what I (try to) do most of the time. To assess the practical utility of results that I obtain on paper, I also often write proof-of-concept source code. Apart from pure theory, I’m fond of compiler engineering: the closer to the metal the better. With my research, I aim to contribute to realizing quantum computing within this decade.

My recent papers:


Current PhD students
  • Evgenii Dolzhkov: Quantum (and quantum inspired) algorithms for optimization
  • Shahla Novruzova: Tbd


Teaching in Fall 2024:

  • LTAT.04.004 Quantum Seminar (3 ECTS)

Courses I have taught in the past include:

  • MTAT.07.024 Quantum Cryptography (6 ECTS)
  • MTAT.05.118 Quantum Algorithms (6 ECTS; basic quantum algorithms)
  • LTAT.00.015a Modern Quantum Algorithms (6 ECTS; LCU, QSVT, etc.)
  • LTAT.00.015b Quantum Error Correction & Fault Tolerant Quantum Computing (6 ECTS; stabilizer codes, surface codes, fault tolerant QC)
  • LTAT.00.015c Quantum Information Processing with Photons (6 ECTS; measurement-based quantum computing on photonic QC devices)


➜ Preferred method of contact: LinkedIn
dotheis dot UTartu at ƍ📧 dot com
      (I lose some of the mails sent to my @ut.ee address.)