Dirk Oliver Theis

Dr. rer. nat. habil.
Dirk Oliver Theis
Associate Professor
dotheis at ut dot ee


Theoretical computer science, applied mathematics, quantum computing.

My recent papers:
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For my theoretical research, I like to write proof-of-concept source code in the mathematical computation programming language Julia (“Julia is the new MATLAB”), often in the form of interactive Pluto notebooks.
Apart from proving theorems, I’m fond of Compiler Engineering (classical and hybrid-quantum/classical) although I have too little time.


Current PhD students
  • Handy Kurniawan: Quantum Information Processing with Julia
  • Evgenii Dolzhkov: Quantum (and quantum inspired) algorithms for optimization
  • ½ Anti Ingel

Together with my team, I teach / am responsible for the following courses.

  • MTAT.05.118 Quantum Algorithms
    • 6 ECTS
    • ➢ Basic quantum algorithms
  • LTAT.00.015 Modern Quantum Algorithms
    • 6 ECTS
    • ➢ LCU, QSVT, etc.
  • LTAT.00.015 Quantum Error Correction & Fault Tolerant Quantum Computing
    • 6 ECTS
    • ➢ Stabilizer codes, surface codes, fault tolerant QC
  • LTAT.00.015 “QIP Light” Quantum Information Processing with Photons
  • LTAT.04.004 Quantum Seminar
    • 4×3 ECTS


Quantum Community Network (QCN)
I am the Estonian representative to the Quantum Community Network, an initiative of the EU Quantum Flagship.