Quantum Error Correction & Fault-Tolerant Quantum Computing

This course will be offered starting from Sep 2021 as a “Book Course” (LTAT.00.015). This means that students will learn the content in group meetings based on Self Study Notes that will be handed out, with minimal instruction from the supervisor. This will change when we have the staff to teach it.

Code: LTAT.00.015 (“Book course in computer science”)
Next session: Fall 2021
Responsible: Assoc. Prof. Dirk Oliver Theis

Current plans for the content (January 2021)

Design goal for the hand-out material is to make students familiar with the current attempts to realize fault-tolerant quantum computing, notably surface codes.

  1. Stabilizer codes
    • Pauli algebra
    • Codes & stabilizers
    • Logical qubits
    • Error detection & correction
    • Examples: 5-qubit codes, Bacon-Shor codes, surface codes
  2. Fault tolerant operations (focus on surface codes)
    • Clifford gates
      – Lattice surgery
      – Anyons & braiding
    • Non-clifford gates
      – Magic state distillation
      – More?
  3. Resource estimation
    • Threshold theorems
    • How many physical qubits for how many logical qubits at which error rate, and what’s the gate speed?
    • (??) Tackling the Humongous Constants Problem; offloading
Talk the talk, walk the walk

For Fall 2021, we won’t be able to create programming homework for the course yet — so it will be 100% theory. For Fall 2022, we will hopefully have a full set of homework projects so that students will also learn to do it.