Course: Quantum Computing I

After reviewing some quantum mechanics (pure states, unitary evolution, projective measurement; computational basis), and covering some basics, the course gives a foundation of the most important quantum algorithms, including

  1. Deutsch-Jozsa
  2. Simon’s algorithm
  3. Quantum Fourier Transform
  4. Quantum Phase Estimation
  5. Shor’s algorithm
  6. Amplitude amplification & estimation (incl. Grover search).
  7. HHL


  • Course code: MTAT.05.118 (computer science)
  • ECTS: 6
  • Lecture: Tue 12:15-14:00, Ülikooli tn 17-219
  • Practice session: Tue 14:15-15:45, Ülikooli tn 17-219
  • Lecturer: Assoc. Prof. Dirk Oliver Theis
  • Requirements: Quantum mechanics or advanced linear algebra
  • Grade = marks of weekly homework assignments

Course Materials

#0 General info
#1 Working with pure states
#2 The circuit model
#3 Classical computation on a quantum computer
#4 Review of the Discrete Fourier Transform
#5 Fourier sampling and Deutsch-Jozsa algorithm
#6 Simon’s algorithm
#7 Quantum Fourier transform
#8 Quantum Phase Estimation

Practice Sessions
Week 1: Feb 19 2019
Week 2: Feb 26 2019

Homework Assignments
To hand in your solutions:
— Print them (or write them in perfect hand-writing), and hand them in before the practice session
— Or send a PDF by email to Rafieh
Attention: for the nth set of solutions, please use the following subject for your email and the PDF file: HWn_QC_your-name. Otherwise it might not be graded.

No late submissions will be accepted.

#1 (due on Tue, Feb 26, 14:14)
#2 (due on Tue, March 5, 14:14)