Either the beach, or…

Summer Activities

Over the summer, the following two courses will take place every week (unless there’s a holiday). They are targeted at students of math, physics, computer science who specialize in quantum computing. If you want to come, get in touch! (To be on the mailing list for the the room #s.)

Advanced Quantum Algorithms Study Group

  • Mondays, 14:00–16:00
  • Delta building (room varies)

Open Research

Tuesdays, in the Delta building (room varies). Students choose the sessions they want to attend.

  • 9–11 Mathematics of quantum computation
  • 11–13 Quantum algorithms #1
  • 14–16 Quantum algorithms #2 (currently: quantum multi-armed bandits)
  • 16–18 Practical quantum computing

The 16–18 slot is reserved for research of industrial relevance, and usually involves writing proof-of-concept software. Company representatives can come and work with the students on their projects. If you want to propose a project, get in touch with Dirk Oliver Theis.