Talk: Topological quantum computing with Majorana zero modes

Talk by Kaur Kristjuhan, master’s student at the Center for Quantum Devices in Copenhagen, Denmark

  • Time: Tuesday, 16:05
  • Location: BigBlueButton. Contact Veiko Palge for the access code.

Topological quantum computing is an approach to building a quantum computer that attempts to cleverly bypass the main obstacles of quantum computers today – decoherence and low gate operation fidelity. First envisioned in 1997, a topological quantum computer uses the peculiar properties of non-Abelian anyons to perform computations in a way that is fault-tolerant to local perturbations by its physical nature. In recent years, it has become possible to engineer condensed matter systems where non-Abelian anyons are predicted to emerge as quasiparticle excitations called Majorana zero modes, thus offering a possible route to building a scalable fault-tolerant quantum computer.
In my talk, I will give an introduction to the idea of topological quantum computation and explain how Majorana zero modes could form the building blocks of such a computer. I will also discuss an ongoing experiment which I am involved in, that attempts to create these modes in semiconductor-superconductor hybrid nanostructures, probe their non-local properties, and control them.