Harry Potter and the seven qubits

There’s a new article on Wired about quantum computing.

“New” is relative: the article is still chewing the topics of ~4 months ago — a long time for a fast paced field (e.g., the excitement about Majorana zero modes on gold surfaces; background is here).

Something I hadn’t heard before: Microsoft’s Krysta Svore compares topological quantum computing to Lord Voldemort and his seven horcruxes.

The Wired article touches on software (i.e., what are the first applications), which is great, but still has some of the typical quantum-computing sound bites (Traveling Salesman Problem? Still? Really?). The recent Forbes interview with formerly-Google “chief realist” John Martinis reveals much more about what’s happening on the hardware side and what the odds, plans, and timelines are.