Thesis defense: Noisy quantum computing

On June 2 Michael Nitsenko defended his master’s thesis in Quantum Circuit Fusion in the Presence of Quantum Noise on NISQ Devices. In his thesis research, Michael studied a concept called “circuit fusion” which proposes to reduce stochastic noise in estimating expectation values of measurements at the end of quantum computations. But near-term quantum computing devices are also subject to quantum noise (such as decoherence etc),

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Quantum Computing Corona

This post concerns the online class meetings for MTAT.05.118 Quantum Computing 1.

I will update the post with the details of how we are organizing them… as soon as we figure it out 😄 or when we change things that haven’t worked well.

How we are currently doing it:

  • Streaming video:
    The preferred way would be to stream the video with whiteboard write-down from out of the Delta building but ATI has declared Delta a no-go-zone except in emergencies (so no support staff etc).

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Course: Quantum Computing I

After reviewing some quantum mechanics (pure states, unitary evolution, projective measurement; computational basis), and covering some basics, the course gives a foundation of the most important quantum algorithms, including

  1. Deutsch-Jozsa
  2. Simon’s algorithm
  3. Quantum Fourier Transform
  4. Quantum Phase Estimation
  5. Shor’s algorithm
  6. Amplitude amplification &

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