Quantum Computing Corona

This post concerns the online class meetings for MTAT.05.118 Quantum Computing 1.

I will update the post with the details of how we are organizing them… as soon as we figure it out 😄 or when we change things that haven’t worked well.

How we are currently doing it:

  • Streaming video:
    The preferred way would be to stream the video with whiteboard write-down from out of the Delta building but ATI has declared Delta a no-go-zone except in emergencies (so no support staff etc).

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Talk: Requirements for Optical Centers for Creating Fast Quantum Computers

Talk by Prof. Vladimir Hiznjakov

Tue, 24 Sep, 16:00 c.t.
University of Tartu Physicum, W. Ostwaldi 1, room A101

The basic requirement that must be fulfilled to create ultrafast quantum computers (QC) operating at room temperature using entangled electronic excitations of a number of optical centers in crystals will be presented.

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Course: Quantum Computing I

After reviewing some quantum mechanics (pure states, unitary evolution, projective measurement; computational basis), and covering some basics, the course gives a foundation of the most important quantum algorithms, including

  1. Deutsch-Jozsa
  2. Simon’s algorithm
  3. Quantum Fourier Transform
  4. Quantum Phase Estimation
  5. Shor’s algorithm
  6. Amplitude amplification &

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